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This Do-It-Yourself machine is the starting out point for anyone wanting to make their own paving bricks or begin their journey to a commercial brickyard. It can produce 2000 pavers per day (8-hour shift) with about 3 workers on an area of 150m²

DIYPG Interlocking Bevelled Paving Brick Hand Mould (55/65/80x100x200mm)

  • 55/65/80x100x200mm paving brick size - This is a standard interlocking bevelled-edge paver. Visually appealing patterns can be achieved by adding various oxide colouring to the paving mixtures and mixing complementary paving colours.

    • 55mm height is suitable for walkways.
    • 65mm height is the all-round best option to include light vehicle usage
    • 80mm height is appropriate for areas where heavy-duty trucks may be used
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